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Comic 53 - page 53
17th Sep 2016, 6:33 AM
page 53
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thesithempire (Guest) edit delete reply
This isn't the first time it's been implied that Glinda brought Dorothy to Oz. An upcoming story in The Lost Tales of Oz anthology (2017) will reveal that Dorothy isn't even the first girl she brought!

As regards the Golden Cap, for continuity nuts (like myself) who want to reconcile how the WWW uses the cap four times, twice in this story, once in Hugh Pendexter III's Oz and the Three Witches, and once in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, my best retcon is that after she uses it the third time (in Pendexter's tale), she gives it to her sister, who then uses it three times for her own purposes (perhaps against other enemies or rivals). Once it's depleted for her, she gives it back to the WWW. My guess is that it essentially resets once someone else has used it.